Our Approach Defines Our Ambition and Keeps Our Oceans Clean



Since plastic it was introduced in the 1950s, more than 8.3 billion tons have been produced globally. It is now estimated that nearly 4.6 billion tons are now accumulating either in landfills or out in the environment. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic find their way to the oceans, polluting and depleting our most important shared natural resource. It is predicted that next year the world will consume 350 million tons of plastic. Upcycling just 5% of marine waste will remove 17.5 million tons of plastic from the oceans.

More than 90% of plastic marine waste ends up on the ocean floor and upcycling that waste caught in fishermen’s nets can help to prevent those plastic breaking down into microplastics. These micro-plastics enter the very beginning of the food chain and permeate through all species, with consequences that we are only starting to understand.

The Vangärd Group in partnership with the WWF in making a choice to use these materials and is helping to end plastic pollution. Vangärd with the WWF ensures that the raw materials and fabrics made from plastic marine waste are accessible and creditable, for The Vangard Group to produce high quality caps for its customers and clients. 






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Accredited by the WWF